That’s right. There’s a cologne based on Konami’s stealth action video game, Metal Gear Solid. But don’t be alarmed, this cologne is not based on the smell of the protagonist, Solid Snake. That would be, well, disgusting. Instead, the Official Metal Gear Solid ‘Shadow Moses’ Cologne is, as the product name implies, based on the Shadow Moses Island.

Official Metal Gear Solid Shadow Moses Cologne

Featuring a woody scent that will take you to the frosty evergreen trees of the iconic game location. Shadow Moses first appeared in the first MGS game published in 1998 on PlayStation One. The fragrance is of a “woody, earthy” type described to have hints of myrrh, fir, and balsam, interlaced with undertones of oakmoss, cedarwood, and musk. You’d feel like in the middle of the woods on the island of the Fox Archipelago wearing it.

It will be an unexpected but perfect thing to be wearing when reliving the original MGS title, or just chilling out to the MGS soundtrack.

Official Metal Gear Solid Shadow Moses Cologne

However, this £39.99 (about 50 American dollars) cologne is available to select countries in Europe, including the U.K. So folks staying across the pond will not be able to enjoy the fragrance.

Images: Just Geek.

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