Numskull TUBBZ Fallout Cosplay Duck Now Available In Box Edition

Get in the mood for Fallout the TV series with the adorable TUBBZ Fallout Cosplay Duck collection. No. Wait. Haven’t we seen these before? Well, we certainly did. But in the spirit of the Fallout live-action TV series coming to Prime Video next year, Numskull has re-released the sold-out cosplaying ducks as a box edition.

There’s A Metal Gear Solid-themed Fragrance. Yes, Really!

That’s right. There’s a cologne based on Konami’s stealth action video game, Metal Gear Solid. But don’t be alarmed, this cologne is not based on the smell of the protagonist, Solid Snake. That would be, well, disgusting. Instead, the Official Metal Gear Solid ‘Shadow Moses’ Cologne is, as the product name implies, based on the …