Numskull TUBBZ Fallout Cosplay Duck Box Edition

Get in the mood for Fallout the TV series with the adorable TUBBZ Fallout Cosplay Duck collection. No. Wait. Haven’t we seen these before? Well, we certainly did. But in the spirit of the Fallout live-action TV series coming to Prime Video next year, Numskull has re-released the sold-out cosplaying ducks as a box edition.

Numskull TUBBZ Fallout Cosplay Duck Box Edition

But why box edition? Well, it is perfect for collectors who want to keep their ducks in their pants. No, I mean, box, and display them as such. I can only imagine the majestic sight when you have a whole bunch of box edition TUBBZ stacked against the wall.

The downside is, you will be missing the adorable bathtub. It is a trade-off. I think the tub edition demands it to be removed from the packaging while the box edition does not. In other words, the box edition may be more suitable for true collectors who like things to remain boxed.

Numskull TUBBZ Fallout Cosplay Duck Box Edition

Anyhoo, as before, each figure stands around 3.54 inches (9 cm) tall and there are 5 designs to choose from.

The TUBBZ Fallout Cosplay Duck Box Edition includes Nuka-Cola T-51, T-51, Nuka Cola Pin UP Girl, Vault Girl, and Vault Boy. They are available now from Just Geek for US$19.99 a pop

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Images: TUBBZ.