Numskull TUBBZ Cosplay Duck Goes Mini, Result In Cuteness Overload

So you think Numskull TUBBZ is not adorable enough, or perhaps they are too adorable, and at $25 a pop, it’d be too much for your bank account to collect’em all? Or maybe you would like it to be smaller so you can bring it everywhere and anywhere? Well, whatever your reason is, you’d be …

New Limited Edition TUBBZ Cosplay Ducks Include Shirt-less Dr. Ian Malcom

The lovable cosplay (rubber) ducky from Numskull, TUBBZ, has a new limited edition collection. The latest to join the 3,000 limited run collection are J-pop icon, Snow Hatsune Miku, a Japanese VOCALOID, and three Star Trek duck doppelgangers: Khan, Scotty, and Klingon.

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