TUBBZ Cosplaying Rubber Duckie

Think rubber ducky and the first thing that comes to mind is Ernie and his rubber duckie. Or maybe just rubber ducky. One thing for sure, rubber duckie will not conjure up an image of Pennywise, the possessed Regan MacNeil, or Beetlejuice. But hey, it’s Halloween season soon and anything goes, right?

TUBBZ Cosplaying Rubber Duckie

And anything includes the possibility of the dear old rubber duckie dressing up as those horror movies characters. TBH, I never knew this historic toy shaped like a stylized duck in yellow that calls bathtub its home can take on any other form other than, well, yellow rubber duck.

But here it is, the TUBBZ, a line of collectable cosplaying ducks. TUBBZ features the good’ol rubber duckie in anything other its familiar yellow, cartoon duck form. It is now IT Pennywise, the possessed Regan from The Exorcist, Betelgeuse (aka Beetlejuice), or vampire David from The Lost Boys (complete with mullet, if we may add).

TUBBZ Cosplaying Rubber Duckie

Dear old yellow rubber duckie is not just about horror film characters. For non-horror fans, it is also Batman’s sidekick, Robin, psycho villain Harley Quinn and Joker, Batman, Crash Bandicoot Crash, Lord of the Rings‘ Frodo more. But hey, its Halloween season, why would you get anything other than horror rubber duckies?

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If you down, you can pre-order/buy TUBBZ Cosplaying Rubber Duckie on Geekstore.com for £12.99 (around US$17.06) a pop. You can also find a bunch of them on the official TUBBZ store on Amazon.com.

Images: Geek Store.