The concept of transparent TV is not new. It has been pitched as far back as 2011 and LG has been selling transparent display for quite a while now. However, this technology has yet to reach us, the consumers – that’s until now.

Xiaomi Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition

As part of the brand’s 10th anniversary, Xiaomi has unveiled the world’s first mass-produced transparent TV, simply known as Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition.

The Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition is exactly what you have imagined. A transparent panel surrounded by ultra thin bezel, creating an edge-to-edge display.

It ain’t perfect because, with the TV turned off, it looks like a frame with nothing in it chilling out in your living. I don’t know which is more of an eyesore. A black piece of panel or a frame with nothing.

Xiaomi Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition

As one may have expected, this ain’t no black magic. Everything that makes the TV ticks is in the narrow bezel with most of the magic, including connectivity, in the circular base. Just like it was when Plasma TV came about.

It is a start despite my comment about it not being perfect. At least there is a company actively developing the technology for consumers.

Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition is, as of this post, offered in 55-inch. On the spec-sheet, it boasts a 150,000:1 static contrast ratio, an infinite dynamic contrast ratio, supports DCI-P3 93% color spectrum, 10-bit panel with over 1.07 billion colors, 120 Hz refresh rate with 120 Hz MEMC technology, 1 ms response time, and AI Master Smart Engine and AI Master for Audio.

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All these are powered by MediaTek 9650 custom-made chip, featuring over 20m optimization algorithms and dedicated optimization for 5 major use scenarios.

For some reason, the TV also supports Always-On display. I am baffled. While trying to make a TV display into your decor, it now tries let see it when it is not being used as a TV. Strange indeed.

The Xiaomi Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition appears to be a China-only product. No words if you will travel outside of China. Speaking of which, pre-order is happening in China for this 49,999 RMB (about US$7,200-ish) high-tech TV.

Images: Xiaomi [CH].

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