Projectors are a dime a dozen and that makes any new projectors announce, well, just another project. But this projector, the Samsung The Freestyle Projector, is not your usual projector.

Samsung The Freestyle Projector

For starters, it is not a box like most projectors are. It looks like an oversize security camera with a barrel-style form factor. And it is called The Freestyle for good reasons.

At 830g, it is lightweight to transport. In addition to being a projector with the requisite features like auto-level, auto-focus, and auto-keystone, this little guy is also a smart speaker and an ambient lighting device.

Samsung The Freestyle Projector

The Freestyle comes with a versatile cradle that allows rotation of up to 180 degrees, affording it to cast images of up to 100 inches in size on just about any surface, be it the table, floor, wall, or even the ceiling.

Placed on its base and The Freestyle becomes a smart speaker that boasts a dual passive radiator that promised to deliver clean and deep bass without distortion and 360-degree sound radiation.

Samsung The Freestyle Projector

When serving as a smart audio device, it can analyze the music to pair visual effects that can be projected onto the wall, ceilings, and whatnot. The same 360-degree speaker also serves to deliver cinema-quality sound when watching movies.

Even more intriguing is, is the powering aspect. In addition to the traditional wall plugs, the projector can be powered by external batteries such as power banks that support USB PD and 50W/20V output or above. It is offered with an optional battery base too. And believe it or not, it is the first projector that works when connected to a standard E26 light socket:

Samsung The Freestyle Projector

Now, that’s intriguing! Last but not least, when it is not used as a projector to stream content, The Freestyle also makes for mood lighting – thanks to its ambient mode and translucent lens cap. Yup. The lens also doubles as lighting.

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If you are sold by this unique projector, you may want to consider picking it up as a pre-order. But be warned; it does not come cheap. Expect to shell out US$899.99 for a unit.

All images courtesy of Samsung.

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