Samsung shows off new solar-powered transparent LCD

Samsung Transparent LCD Display prototype
(photos: Patrick H)

there are two amazing innovations in this new 46-inch prototype from Samsung. firstly, it is completely solar powered and its low power consumption means ambient light is all it takes to power this LCD TV. secondly, the screen is completely transparent and therefore, it harness the ability to display images on the screens while objects behind is still visible. though, the objects behind could be a distraction to the screen user but it could find useful applications in other area such as head-up display for vehicles, storefront displays et cetera. the storefront display concepts is pretty, obvious cool. just imagine passing a store window and checking out the products, while the window shows snippets of your promotional items or today’s special. if that ain’t cool, i don’t know what is. did we mentioned that the screen is multitouch too?

via Inhabitat

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