FallCall Detect is a smart fall detection app designed to run on Apple Watch that could potentially save an elderly’s life. For those who are not aware, a fall can be deadly to an old person. Even more deadly if the victim happens to be alone.

FallCall Smart Fall Detection Technology

I know exactly what that means because, my maternal grandmother, who had no health issues when in her 80s, died as an indirect result of a fall. As such falls should be avoided at all cost, or at least, if it happens, the person should be attended to immediately.

This is where fall detection technology comes in. However, the problem with today’s fall detection devices is, they are either too cumbersome, or prone to triggering false alarm.

FallCall Smart Fall Detection Technology

With an app on WatchOS, it eliminates the problem of a separate device for detection. Furthermore, FallCall’s smart fall detection app promised to reduce false ambulance activations through 24/7 central monitoring and the ability to differentiate between high-impact and low-impact falls.

Here’s how it works:

“FallCall Detect’s breakthrough technology distinguishes between falls with greater force that are more likely to cause injury and falls that occur from a sitting position. If a high-impact fall is detected, FallCall’s U.S.-based medical monitoring service is automatically contacted* and will send emergency services if needed. If a low-impact fall is detected, only a user’s pre-designated support community is contacted.”

FallCall Detect is more than just an app. In addition to providing user’s support community with fall alerts, it also provide updates like location, heart rate and battery. In this way, a user’s support community, be it his/her caregiver, family and friends, will also be in the know.

In the event FallCall Detect is activated, the user will receive an on-demand fall detection with 1-tap emergency response activation and deactivation. This prevents false trigger of ambulance service. There’s the option to use voice commands on Apple Watch, iPhone or HomePod too.

For more information, you can surf by Fallcall.com.

Images: FallCall Solutions.

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