Nike Fit Is Here To Determine The Perfect Fit Nike Shoes For Your Feet

I don’t shop online for shoes because, getting shoes online is like life and life, according to Forrest Gump‘s mum, “is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you are going to get.” I prefer hitting up brick and mortar stores to get my feet measured. Even then, Nike thinks that in-store foot […]

Someone Saved The Content Of 50,000 NSFW Tumblr Blogs From Being Wiped

When micro blogging and social media platform Tumblr was acquired by Yahoo! Inc., the search giant promised status quo. And status quo it did maintain (well, kind of), but when Verizon Media picked it up in 2017, it changed. Specifically, it changed in 2018 when Tumblr made an akin to end of the world, shocking […]

Thanks To A New App, Praying With The Pope Is Just A Click Away

Though religion is an ancient belief that is several thousand years old, it has to keep up with times to remain relevant and in the case of Roman Catholics, it is keeping abreast with technology. On Sunday (January 20), Pope Francis officially launched a new app for Android and iOS, called Click to Pray, that […]

LEGO Extends Playability Of Its LEGO Sets With Augmented Reality

Kids get bored with toys fairly quickly. That is an inevitable fact that LEGO prefer not to happen and hence, the LEGO AR Playgrounds iOS App. AR here is, of course, augmented reality. Leveraging on Apple’s ARKit technology to detect a real physical LEGO set, bringing it to life with special effects, animations, and interactive […]

This Handy Tool Measures Your Bag To See If It Meets Airlines’ Standards

One of the woes of traveling with carry-on is not knowing if your carry-on suitcase conforms to the airlines’ regulation. It wasn’t a woe if all airlines share the same standard. Unfortunately, they don’t, but with this new free tool from travel planning website KAYAK, the mystery of whether or not your luggage fits the […]

Facebook Dating Is Facebook’s Answer To Tinder… With A 2.2B Active Pool

You knew this is coming, don’t you? With a platform rich with personal data, you knew one day Facebook is going to get into the Dating business. Well, if you have foretold this, then give yourself pat on the back. You got it right. The CEO himself, Mark Zuckerberg, made the announcement during the company’s […]

New AI-powered News App Wants To Sieve Out Fake News And Videos

We live in a time that are both awesome and dangerous at the same time. Awesome because, being connected, we are more informed and thus, we should, rightly, not become a frog in the well. Dangerous because, the news that reach us could be fake. Fake news has gone pandemic. It is everywhere. It lurks […]

Meet Dig, The First Dating App Crafted For Dog Person (Finally!)

Tinder is a god sent for singles around the world, but like any dating service, you will never know the likes and dislikes until you start to know the person. Dig is new entrant to the dating app market. While it can’t let in the habits of your potential partner, it does, however, assure you […]

Amazon’s Leverages On AR To Let You Virtually Place Products In Your Home

Times have really change. These days, when we buy things like appliances, we want to make sure they look good with the rest of the kitchen. You can try your best to imagine how they will look, or you can do what I used to do: photoshop the item into an image of your living, […]

Microsoft “Infiltrates” iOS and Android With A Couple Of New Apps

Microsoft may not be as glorious as it was more than a couple of decade ago, but the truth is, most people’s work lives depend on it and therefore it is safe to say it will not go out of fashion in foreseeable future. The number pretty speaks for itself: 1.25 billion. That’s how many […]