10 Top Road Trip Apps: Save On Gas And Avoid Traffic

Vacations are a chance to explore the unknown, and take in new sights and cultures – but they come at an often-daunting cost. Though, apps have been designed to work together with you to make your excursions more affordable and efficient than ever! From tools tracking discounts on fuel costs & parking fees right through mapping out gorgeous hikes; these must-have travel + outdoor applications guarantee a memorable experience without breaking the bank.

10 Top Road Trip Apps: Save On Gas And Avoid Traffic
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1. Roadtrippers

Are you planning a road trip? You will definitely need the best road trip planning apps. Roadtrippers is the one-stop app you need to get your adventure going. Get detailed information on local attractions, stores, restaurants, and more – all with ratings and reviews from fellow travelers! Plus share your favorite stops easily with friends so they can come to join in the fun. Sign up via Apple, Facebook, or Roadpass for an unforgettable experience filled with exploration & memories!

2. GasBuddy

GasBuddy is the ultimate road trip companion! Easily find discount fuel prices along your route to save hard-earned cash, and then get rewarded for fueling up. Plus, link it with a checking account to earn even more rewards in the form of cashback – so you can keep hitting those open roads without breaking your budget.

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3. Expedia

Have a road trip in mind but don’t know where to start? With Expedia, planning your journey has never been easier. Streamlined search results allow for quick discovery and comparison of the best-rated hotels, car rentals, and activities at discounted prices – plus enjoy exclusive savings with an account membership! Surveying locations is easy too; filter by budget or pinpoint pet-friendly places that also include breakfast facilities so you can save even more money along the way. Sign up now for free access and get ready to hit those highways with confidence!

4. Waze

There are various travel apps for road trips, but this is a must as it can save you a lot of money. Road trips are fun, but nothing ruins the adventure like getting a speeding ticket. Fortunately, Waze is here to help you avoid such catastrophes! As part of the Google Maps family, it features live traffic updates and lets users know where police officers may be hiding so they can stay safe from tickets. It also provides information on your current speed and potential dangers along the way – think of this as an exciting game that rewards exploration by allowing users to report things like wildlife or road hazards for other travelers’ benefit. With Waze at your side during any excursion away from home, you’ll have peace of mind knowing there’s always someone watching out for you no matter how far off-road life takes you!

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5. Voluntourism

Ready to see the world and make a difference at the same time? Why not try Voluntourism? You can travel, explore new places, meet incredible people, and enjoy free facilities – all while giving back to communities in need. Worldpackers is here to help you get started on this journey with their app; after signing up for an account and entering your interests, locales, and vacation type of choice (eco-tourism, solo travel, etc), find amazing volunteer opportunities that are tailored just for you. Take it one step further by subscribing as a member which will give access to unlimited trips plus attractive discounts. So don’t hesitate – to go out there now and start having meaningful experiences around the globe today!

6. HotelTonight

HotelTonight is your one-stop shop for last-minute hotel stays that won’t break the bank. Get unbeatable deals up to a week in advance and take advantage of their real-time map if you’re on the move – scoring big discounts along each leg of your journey! Plus, use our exclusive code “JFESTA4” when booking through the app for an extra $25 off!

7. Withlocals

Get an immersive experience of the world with locals! It’s more than just a tourist stop; you’ll have direct access to over 50 cities and local guides expertly prepared to show off what makes each place unique. As part of your trip, customize exactly which activities pique your interests – whether that be food sampling in France or wine tasting in Italy – all while having fun learning about different cultures and customs. Plus, find the perfect tour guide for whatever kind of adventure or relaxation you desire—all from this one easy-to-use app.

8. Venmo

Road trips can be costly, but the app for car rides Venmo helps make it more manageable! With the free app, you and your friends can quickly split costs like gas so everyone pays their fair share. Now all that’s left to do is hit the road for a stress-free journey into adventure!

9. PackPoint

Going on a road trip? Don’t just keep track of your belongings with an old-school paper checklist – take advantage of the modern tech world and download PackPoint, the packing list app that helps you stay organized. With customized lists for free, intuitive categorization options, and detailed weather updates at your location – it’s everything you need to make sure nothing is left behind! Upgrade to Premium even further and connect directly with TripIt itineraries too!

10. Withlocals

So you’ve decided to make your next trip a culturally-immersive one! Withlocals is the perfect app for finding just what you’re looking for – experienced locals across more than 50 cities who can show you around their area. Whether it’s an adventure excursion or simply some sightseeing and relaxation, this intuitive platform makes customizing tours simple by offering tailored options based on interests, language preferences, modes of transport, and more. Withlocals will help turn any vacation into a unique journey filled with an interesting combination of sights as seen through local eyes!


We are fortunate enough to live in a world where technology can help make our travels better, smoother, and even more cost-efficient. From booking apps to packing list programs, there’s an app for every step of the journey that you take. Whether you’re jet-setting abroad or taking a road trip with friends, these travel apps will help you enjoy your trip while also saving money.

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