UNO x Shepard Fairey Card Set

If the UNO x Shepard Fairey Card Set piques your interest, then it is safe to say you are a collector of UNO card set and less of a UNO player. Even if you are avid UNO player who also appreciate art, this latest UNO variation should appeal to you too.

UNO x Shepard Fairey Card Set

The UNO x Shepard Fairey Card Set is the usual UNO card set with an artistic twist. The set showcases the American contemporary street artist, graphic, designer, activist, illustrator and founder of OBEY Clothing’s art works.

This deck is the fourth installment of UNO Artiste Series, and features environmentally-themed design in Shepard Fairey’s signature bold color palette.

This UNO is not just special because of Fairey’s touches; it is also the first Artist Series deck to be made from 100% paper and without plastic trays and cellophane wraps because, plastics are evil.

In addition to help driving Fairey’s cause with regards to environmental conservation, Mattel is donating US$10,000 to The Ocean Conservancy.

The UNO x Shepard Fairey Card Set will drop on July 30, 2021 at 9AM PT, priced at US$20 per set.

Images: Mattel.