Mattel Teamed Up With BAPE For Special Deck Of UNO Cards And Tees

Mattel is super serious about making the UNO deck a thing to collect. Joining Rick and Morty, the 50th Anniversary Premium Card set and more in the growing list of UNO that you do not want to play with is the UNO x A Bathing Ape.

UNO x Shepard Fairey Card Set Will Drop On July 30 For US$20

If the UNO x Shepard Fairey Card Set piques your interest, then it is safe to say you are a collector of UNO card set and less of a UNO player. Even if you are avid UNO player who also appreciate art, this latest UNO variation should appeal to you too.

Mattel Marks 50 Years Of UNO With Classy UNO 50th Anniversary Premium Card Set

UNO, the American shedding-type card game, is never associated with ‘premium’ or being ‘classy’ (perhaps, UNO Minimalista is an exception?). Makes sense, after all, it is a card game designed with family and kids in mind.