UNO x A Bathing Ape UNO Deck of Cards

Mattel is super serious about making the UNO deck a thing to collect. Joining Rick and Morty, the 50th Anniversary Premium Card set and more in the growing list of UNO that you do not want to play with is the UNO x A Bathing Ape.

UNO x A Bathing Ape UNO Deck of Cards

Celebrating 50 years of UNO, Mattel has teamed up with Japanese streetwear fashion label to give the world’s number one game the BAPE treatment. This special deck features cards with a linen finish and the brand’s signature characters, including the delightful BAPE shark design, the BAPE monkey, et cetera, and colors.

Also present across the cards is BAPE’s iconic BAPE camo, presented in line art.

Befitting its status as a fashion brand, the collaboration also gives birth to two Mattel-exclusive, red t-shirts that showcase this super dope deck.

Both the UNO x A Bathing Ape deck and the t-shirts will be available at on September 27 at 9 AM PT, for US$25 and US$115, respectively.

Images: Mattel.