Mattel Back to the Future Hoverboard

Mattel Hoverboard
Mattel Back to the Future Hoverboard | US$tba |

already got yourself of the Back to the Future Nike MAG? good. cos your BTTF life is about to complete when Mattel eventually let loose the movie-accurate pink hoverboard that Marty McFly used in the movie Back to the Future II – yes, complete with the hole where a pole used to be. well, the Mattel Hoverboard doesn’t actually hover (obviously), which is forgivable cos’ this is not 2015 yet but it is a 1:1 replica of the same board used in the movie and according to the ad that was put up at the Toy Fair, the board “glides over most surfaces” (does not work on water) but we are cool with that cos’ the movie one didn’t work on water either. since hovering is yet a reality, the board is strictly for die-hard BTTF fans and collectors. the Mattel Hoverboard is available for pre-order from the March 01 to 20, 2012 via click on the above image for a larger view.

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