Kisai Rouge Touch Pocket Watch

Kisai Rouge Touch Pocket Watch
(photos: TokyoFlash) Kisai Rouge Touch Pocket Watch | US$169.00 |

ah… pocket watches. they used to be a symbol of status, wealth and power of an individual – in short, it is a symbol of you being freaking rich but then that was then. it was subsequently made obsolete by the more practical wrist watches. anyway, if you are still after that symbol in this 21st century period, then you would need something that’s worthy of our time – something like the Kisai Rouge Touch Pocket Watch. it is the modern the classic social status symbol complete with, you guessed it, a touch screen display. other features include dual time, date, alarm, additional LED backlight for lowlight time telling, 60-second auto lock to prevent accidental input, a stainless steel case, a stainless steel chain, and a futuristic animation that will probably keep you hypnotized. the Kisai Rouge Touch Pocket Watch can be yours for $169 a pop. a few more look at this beautiful time piece after the break.

TokyoFlash via Uncrate

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