Kisai Neutron Motion Sensor LED Watch

can’t get enough of odd time telling devices? here’s another new stuff from TokyoFlash, dubbed the Kisai Neutron Motion Sensor LED Watch, to add to your collection. honestly, you can’t really tell that it is something that tells time if not for the fact that it does bear the familiar watch form. behind the grill-like design is where the time and date will display

Kisai Breathalyzer Watch

for starter, you shouldn’t even be driving if you have the intention to consume alcohol. however, if you are ever caught in an unexpected happy situation, then be sure your have the Kisai Breathalyzer Watch (officially, Kisai Intoxicated LCD Watch) slapped on your wrist. not only does this LCD-based watch tells time and date

concept ePaper display watch doubles as a bicycle computer

avid cyclists would definitely have a bicycle computer on their ride but how about having on your wrist? at least that what’s Hungary-based designer Laszlo is proposing with this concept watch…