for starter, you shouldn’t even be driving if you have the intention to consume alcohol. however, if you are ever caught in an unexpected happy situation, then be sure your have the Kisai Breathalyzer Watch (officially, Kisai Intoxicated LCD Watch) slapped on your wrist. not only does this LCD-based watch tells time and date, it also has a built-in breathalyzer which could be use as a last-ditch effort to keep your sobriety in check after you down a few cold brews. the result (after breathing into the sensor located at the side of the watch) is presented as in color and BAC range. a green backlight means you are sober; yellow means you are border lining; and red means time to surrender your car key and hitch a ride. to be honest, nobody can really vouch for its accuracy (that’s why we said “last-ditch”) and so, we will take whatever that’s presented with a pinch of salt.

also built into the watch is a sobriety game which is kind of like the first line of check on your level of clear headedness. in this game, a vertical line moves back and forth across the screen at a fairly quick pace and all you have to do is to hit a button to stop it, making sure it lands dead center. failing to do so, might means that you are less than sober. apart from being a helpful alcohol level early warning tool, this stainless steel watch is still pretty much a regular watch with features like LED backlight, alarm functionality, adjustable stainless steel strap, and water resistant up to 3ATM (about 30 meters or 9 feet). it has a USB rechargeable battery built-in to keep the clockwork running. you can pre-order the Kisai Breathalyzer Watch now for $99 a pop. expect it to ship early next month. still unclear about how the breathalyzer works out? no worries, hit the jump for a short video to see it in action.

TokyoFlash via Engadget

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