HappieWatch: Designer-style, Fashion Watches That Are Colorful And Fun

How many times do you actually look at your wrist for time? Likely seldom. More than ever before, the wristwatch has become a fashion piece than a time-telling device. If you concur and believe that watches should be fun, well then, HappieWatch is for you.

Evangelion Goes Luxury With The U-Treasure Rei Ayanami Pocket Watch

Evangelion is never associated with luxury, but here it is, an Evangelion timepiece that’s definitely in the luxury watch realm. And it is not just any timepiece; it is a pocket watch. A Rei Ayanami-themed pocket watch, to be precise.

You Can Change the Design of this E-ink Watch Wherever You Wish

If the main reason of buying more wrist watches than you really need is because of your desire for design variety, then we think the e-ink powered FES Watch might just be right up your timepiece-obsessed alley. While e-ink application in watches isn’t new, this particular item designed by Japanese design studio TAKT Project takes …

Diesel Mr. Daddy Chronograph Watch

other than your natural-born look, you can’t deny the one other thing that going to catch the people’s attention is your outfit. so basically, most folks won’t be bothered by your time piece – unless the time piece is as big as the Diesel Mr. Daddy Square Chronograph Watch (DZ7285). at 64mm, it may not be as humongous as the

Kisai Neutron Motion Sensor LED Watch

can’t get enough of odd time telling devices? here’s another new stuff from TokyoFlash, dubbed the Kisai Neutron Motion Sensor LED Watch, to add to your collection. honestly, you can’t really tell that it is something that tells time if not for the fact that it does bear the familiar watch form. behind the grill-like design is where the time and date will display

Tom Dixon Eclectic Block Watch

if clean, sharp lines are your cuppa of English Breakfast, then the Tom Dixon Eclectic Block Watch might just tickles your fancy. the first time piece to come out of the British design label, the Eclectic Block Watch is crafted from the most minimal components possible and presented in a unique square case that’s stamped out from a block of pure stainless

Diesel Limited Edition Grand Daddy Chronograph Watch

when Diesel named this massive time piece ‘Grand Daddy’, it is for obvious reasons. first off, it has a ridiculously oversized 73mm x 66mm case (it’s “mega-oversized” in Diesel’s own words) and it has not one, but four individual set of chronograph functions. it may sounds like the Italian fashion label has overdone with this

Kisai Breathalyzer Watch

for starter, you shouldn’t even be driving if you have the intention to consume alcohol. however, if you are ever caught in an unexpected happy situation, then be sure your have the Kisai Breathalyzer Watch (officially, Kisai Intoxicated LCD Watch) slapped on your wrist. not only does this LCD-based watch tells time and date

CST-01 E-ink Wrist Watch by Central Standard Timing

it is year 2013 and the world is nothing close to what that have been foretold by sci-fi movies. not even our basic time keeper, the wrist watch, is anything close to the ‘future’ but that’s going to change with the CST-01 E-ink Wrist Watch by Central Standard Timing. so what’s so ‘futuristic’ about the CST-01? for starter…

Mutewatch Svart

artist and consumer product collaborations are not new but what sets the Mutewatch Svart apart from the rest is, Mutewatch happens to be the pioneer of touchscreen watch and the Svart could very well be the first touchscreen watch collaboration with an artist. we remembered the first touchscreen watch that supports gestures to be an alluring red hue and somewhat abstract…