other than your natural-born look, you can’t deny the one other thing that going to catch the people’s attention is your outfit. so basically, most folks won’t be bothered by your time piece – unless the time piece is as big as the Diesel Mr. Daddy Square Chronograph Watch (DZ7285). at 64mm, it may not be as humongous as the Grand Daddy, but the fact that it is square, it will certainly be no less striking on any wrist. other features include a cool iridescent crystal that “changes” shades when view from different angle, a unique brown leather strap, accented with stitched nylon, black ion-plated steel case, Japanese quartz movement, water resistant up to 50 meters (5ATM or about 164 feet), and of course, the usual chronograph functionalities. if a 64mm square doesn’t make you or at least your wrist stands out, we don’t know what else will. the Diesel Mr. Daddy Chronograph Watch is available now from Diesel web store for $325 a piece.

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