as we age, the more we are inclined to relive our childhood. while some things are easily doable, hopping on a big wheel ain’t one – unless you are talking about Urbantrike Low-rider Big Wheel. hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, Urbantrike is a relatively new company that has incredible passion for big wheels and about a year or so in the business, they have been getting quite a bit attention. adult big wheels aren’t new, but Urbantrike stands out as one that you can customize to your individual taste before it rolls out of the workshop. customizable stuff includes color, handlebar, grip and wheel options. though the latter is limited for their on-going Kickstarter campaign. that said, the firm has three models to offer via this crowdfunding endeavor: the go-anywhere Bailey, the hot-rod inspired Atticus, and the total badass Adairicus. needless to say, the star of the trio is Adairicus, a big wheel based on a model created for a Texas car show promoter and the only one in the lineup that sports a dually wheel rear wheel setup.

typical features of the Urbantrike big wheel includes freespin 20-inch 38 spoke front wheel, pneumatics tires all-round, welded steel construction, fully padded adjustable 18″ wide vinyl seat, supports up to 500 pounds (except for Bailey), and removable axle to allow for transport in regular car (except Bailey). you can get the Urbantrike Low-rider Big Wheel through Urbantrike Kickstarter campaign, starting from $395 for the Bailey, $495 for Atticus, and $995 for the monster Adairicus – or if you have pretty penny to drop, you could snag yourself a custom Urbantrike complete with custom graphics, fenders and vanity license plate for $1,895. have a few more look in the image gallery below and while you there, do check out a couple of videos to see the Urbantrike in action (and hear what people says about it).

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