image makers aka photographers and videographers looking to streamline their studio might want to check out this new kid on the lighting block, The LED Light Cube by Australia-based IC12. billed as the world’s first high-end, portable and interlocking LED flash and light source, The LED Light Cube brings LED technology to the forefront of image making world. what makes this product unique is, it is both a flash and a lighting, thus it allows a single piece of equipment to switch from photography and videography in an instant. this means you will one less gear cluttering up your studio or better still, one less equipment to lug along for outdoor shoots. The LED Light Cube offers a 5500k color temperature which remains constant even with power level adjustment and as a video light, it is totally dimmable.

other features include continuous high speed flashing at full power, adjustable flash speed, built-in lithium-ion polymer battery, and integrated interlocking function allowing several units to build into a light bank. as a light bank, it allows one cube to be the “master control” to control the rest of interlocked units, so that you don’t have to go gaga trying to make adjustment to each individual unit separately. IC12 is looking to raise 60 grand via crowdfunding platform INDIE GOGO to fund the development of The LED Light Cube. The LED Light Cube is set to retail for $695 per unit, but for now, you can get it at just $350 as a backer of this project. another look below and also check out a pitch video further down the page to learn more.

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The LED Light Cube

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