to just call the Synergos Minimalist Wallet as a mere wallet is certainly not fair, cos’ this little guy is more than just a wallet. beyond stashing your credit cards and cash, it is also a USB flash drive and it is also a RFID blocker. which means, no worries about digital theft while your important cards are in Synergos and no more having to carry a separate USB flash drive for your digital contents since the wallet itself already has one built-in. as a wallet it takes up to eight credit cards and a nifty “cash management card” within holds your cash neatly for easy retrieval. the Synergos Minimalist Wallet is designed specifically to meet today’s wants such as the need for carry essentials such as credit cards and cash and have access to them easily, the need for digital storage, and the need to prevent digital theft from happening to you.

the Synergos Minimalist Wallet is the most complete wallet we have seen so far without the bulk. this is truly a prime example of less for more (or you could more for less). no doubt about it. and we haven’t even touch on its aesthetic; the Synergos has an aluminum outer in choice of brushed silver finish or black anodized and an elastic band (or pocket) that not only prevent scratches to your cards, but also allows for expandability. the Synergos Minimalist Wallet with USB Flash Drive is a Kickstarter project looking to raise $8,000 to fund the development. available in 8GB to 64GB, you can pre-order your Synergos Minimalist Wallet with USB Flash Drive starting from just $29 a pop and assuming if the minimal funding goal is met in the next 29 days, you can be expecting to see this awesome wallet sometime this October.

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Synergos Minimalist Wallet with USB Flash Drive

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