Believe It Or Not, There’s Actually Night Light Made From Real Bread

I never thought I would ever describe a night light as ‘delicious looking’. Like, ever. But then the Bread Night Light comes along. Available in a selection of delectable bread/pastry design, including croissant, cross, rugby and stick, these night lights are made from real flour. Because they are made of real flour, I’d think you […]

Luminoodle Task Is Super Flexible, Lets You Shape The Light To Your Need

Since Thomas Edison and his team of researchers lighted up the first ever practical electric-powered light bulb, it forever reshaped the way we live. Fast forward to more than 130 years later, a new lighting from Power Practical is doing the same, but this time, we are empowered with the ability shape the light to […]

Move Over Night Light, Your Job Has Just Been Taken By Sensing Light Strip

Imagine this: you have the sudden urge to pee in the middle of your sleep and you shot up, only to be greeted by an absolutely dark abyss which is obviously not fun as darkness will lead you into a wall or worst, trip over a rug. A nightlight should do the trick, but where […]

Meet The First Outdoor Individually Addressable, Bluetooth LED Strip

One of the images astronaut Chris Hadfield snapped from space showed Earth in the night brighten with orange hue light. Tangy glow was largely due to the yellow light mostly used in cities, but that could change – if more folks get into ilumi Smartstrip, an app-controlled Bluetooth LED light strip. Ok, maybe that won’t […]

Luminoodle Color and Basecamp Light Ropes Add Colors To Your Campsite

Camping and setting up a base camp should be a fun experience. However, it can’t be if you keep knocking over tents, firewood, or whatnot because you don’t have night vision ability like some animals do. The solution? Stick a lot of lanterns, or you could go with Luminoodle Color and Basecamp Portable Light Ropes. […]

Polaroid BrightSaber Lights Up Your Subject, Not Maim Or Kill Them

At a glance, BrightSaber looks like a toy Lightsaber for kids, but it is, of course, not. Granted, the name does sound a little pun-ish (probably, intentional) but it has absolutely nothing in common with a fictional Lightsaber except that both lights up brightly. And so, yeah, BrightSaber is neither a sci-fi weapon-made-real, nor is […]

This Desk Lamp Has A Superhero Stance And A LED-equipped Tractor Headlight

There are two kinds of product: one that’s made to sell and the other, made as the designer(s) intended. The market is flooded with the latter, but every once in a while, there’s a couple of products that falls into the latter category, and The Lampster Robo Lamp is one such fabulous example. Started as […]

Lantern Reimagined, Turned into a flexible 5-foot Light Strand That’s Still as Portable as a Lantern

Good news, nocturnal beings who love to roam the night. You can leave your flashlight in your backpack and take Luminoodle USB Light for your night roaming’s lighting needs. Chuckle at the product name all you want, but this light noodle is actually a pretty impressive illumination solution. Packed into its IP67 rated sealed silicone […]

Smaller Than Pocket-size Relio is Possibly the Most Gorgeous Photography Light We have Seen

Sometimes, the only thing that stands between your camera and a good photograph is light. Thankfully, there are bountiful of solutions out there, but when it comes to real portability, we think the Relio Photography Light could be the only one that actually slips into the pocket. Yup. You heard that right, photography light that […]

Dyson New Desk Lamp with Heat Pipe Technology Can Last for 37 Years

Energy saving bulbs outlast incandescents, but when LED comes into the scene, it proves to be the new king in light bulb longevity. Jake Dyson, son of James Dyson, founder of Dyson, thinks seven years or so of LED lifespan is way too short and set out to reinvent to prolong an LED lifespan and […]