Imagine this: you have the sudden urge to pee in the middle of your sleep and you shot up, only to be greeted by an absolutely dark abyss which is obviously not fun as darkness will lead you into a wall or worst, trip over a rug. A nightlight should do the trick, but where it is installed is pretty much at the mercy of the location of a free wall outlet, or you could flick the switch to turn the side table lamp on and rouse your partner from sleep, or you could get way more classy (and cool) with Bed Light Motion Activated LED Light Strip. You could say Bed Light is one of those life extras, but if it can make life easier while doing so looking cool, why the hell not?

Wrapping the underside of the bed with LED light strip is not new, but what Bed Light proposes is throwing in a light and movement sensor which automatically illuminates the floor around the bed the moment your feet touches the floor. Thanks to the light sensor, Bed Light will only light up in darkness, therefore it won’t trigger if the room’s light is on or it is in the day. The light will remain on for 30 seconds to 10 minutes, depending on your preference which you can adjust using the timer. Though named Bed Light, its applications is wide and varied, and where you choose to use the two included 5 feet of light strips is really up to you.

The standard kit, which comes with a sensor and a pair of dimmable 5-ft LED light strips, retails for $64.99. Scroll down for the product video to see Bed Light in action.

Bed Light Motion Activated LED Light Strip

Images: MyLight.

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