Zeltini Z-Triton Is A Pedal Assist Trike, A Boat And A Camper Rolled Into One

Reassure that while the Zeltini Z-Triton Houseboat Trike looks like shrunk down version of the Navy’s stealth warship, it is not. The multifaceted design is not designed with the intention of evading radar.

If You Like Custom Motorcycles, You Will Appreciate This Custom BMW R100 Shed Built Trike

We have seen countless custom motorcycles and swooned over by them, and the Custom BMW R100 Shed Built Trike by model maker Tim you see here just found a place in our list of “custom bike that had us going head-over-heels.” One look and you will immediately know why.

Meet Stroke, The Amazing Tilting Electric Cargo Tricycle

Bicycle, electric or not, is more as a mode of transportation than anything else. Unlike say, automobiles, it has little to no cargo capacity and hence, limiting its use. But thanks to the ingenuity of human’s minds, there are cargo bikes to look to if one ever needed to transport more than a backpack or […]

Polaris Slingshot Grand Touring LE Is Basically An Option-loaded Slingshot

From the front, it looks like Polaris has put a roadster on the road, but it is in fact, a three-wheeler, or more specifically, a new, more luxe variant of the brand’s Slingshot. The 2018 Polaris Slingshot Grand Touring LE, as it is known as, is essentially a slightly more equipped Slingshot featuring the previously […]

This Is Bellcycles, The First Front-wheel Drive Bike Since 19th Century

You know bicycles? Wait. What am I talking about? Of course, everyone knows what a bicycle is, but the thing is, the bicycle you are about to see is like no other, well, at least not in the last 200 years. Meet Bellcycles, probably the only front-wheel drive bicycle since 19th century. For the uninitiated, […]

it’s Official. Colin Furze Has Just Build The World’s Fastest Bumper Car

The things that madcap British garage inventor, Colin Furze, built certainly are ridiculous enough to quality them a place on the Guinness World Records and he certainly got recognized for some of the works, including the largest bonfire (2006), the longest motorcycle (2008), the fastest speed on a mobility scooter (2010), the fastest pram (2012), […]

Watch Colin Furze Turn A Bumper Car Into A 600cc 100BHP Monster

British mad garage inventor, Colin Furze, strikes again and this time, he was asked by BBC to build The Stig, the anonymous race car driver from BBC television series Top Gear, a new ride. According to BBC The Stig loves it when the slow is made to go fast which is pretty much the Colin’s […]

British Garage Inventor Creates A Fire-spewing Pulse Jet Powered Drift Trike

We all know how a drift trike works. You get one up to speed, abruptly turn the handlebar to one side, or tug the ‘handbrake’ to initiate the drift. It is exhilarating but apparently, not to all. Not to Colin Furze at least, the mad scientist British garage inventor who have turned many tame transportations […]

Yamaha 03GEN Concept: 3-wheeled Scooter Never Looked This Good

Things must have gone pretty fast at Yamaha Motor. Just last year, we saw the first concept trike, named 01GEN and before we know it, we have missed out the second expression and it is now at the third expression, simply called 03GEN. Unlike the first concept which is both a sport bike with a […]

This Children Bicycle is Made from 100% Recycled Carpet and Will Grow With Your Kids

Kids learning to ride and learning to appreciate the environment don’t quite mix, do they? No, they don’t and the Wishbone 3-in1 Children Bike Recycled Edition here will certainly not address both. It will, however, achieve two things: let your kids learn the art of riding, progressively and also do the a Earth a huge […]