Good news for adventurers with a taste for camper bicycles. The ambitious amphibious pedal assists trike/camper that we saw a couple of years ago is now available to order, or for those with shallow pockets, rent. And it is now known as BeTriton.

BeTriton 100% Electric Recreational Vehicle

So, yes, BeTriton has launched a market-ready version for outdoor enthusiasts who want to enjoy long-distance adventures in a sustainable way. The BeTriton (aka Z-Triton 2.0) is a 100% electric amphibious Camper-Trike that is a boat, a trike, and a camper rolled into one.

Because of its relatively narrow footprint, it can traverse where regular campers or RVs can’t – not even a water body could be in its way because remember? It is also a boat!

BeTriton 100% Electric Recreational Vehicle

Z-Triton 2.0 is designed for two people and boasts a long list of features including but not limited to an electric boat motor with steering from the cabin just like a real boat, an electric bike assists motor, integrated solar roof panels with lithium-ion battery pack, a range of 2 days (50 km/31 miles land + 20 km/12.4 miles water), foldup kitchen table, cooling/heating system, USB charging, GPS, sound system, and a pot for your favorite plant.

Now for the awesome news. The BeTriton is available for pre-order. It is available in two forms: a DIY kit which has a starting price of 4,500 EUR (about US$4,592) with first deliveries in late 2023 and a ready-built vehicle that costs 14,500 EUR and up (roughly US$14,800), with the first deliveries expected to happen in 2022 for EU markets and 2023 for other markets.

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However, if you don’t have the financial muscle to flex, or rather not buy a vehicle you will not be using frequently, there is a rental option that goes for 60 EUR a day (around US$61/day).

Images: BeTriton.

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