Remember the stunning Concorde supersonic jet LEGO MOC with over 6,000 pieces? Well, this is not it but The Legendary Concorde by Orbiter88 will be LEGO-loving, aviation fans’ best hope in getting an official LEGO Concorde set.

LEGO Ideas The Legendary Concorde by Orbiter88

Created by LEGO Ideas member Daniel aka Orbiter88 from Germany, The Legendary Concorde beautifully recreates the legendary supersonic passenger jet with 1,441 pieces using many SNOT (Studs Not On Top) techniques. Now about the pieces… 1,441 is for the aircraft itself and not including the stand and the Rolls-Royce engine which together are another 150 elements.

Like the actual Aérospatiale/BAC Concorde built by Sud Aviation/Aérospatiale and British Aircraft Corporation, this LEGO model has an ogival delta wing and a functional droop nose. Regarding the droop nose… for the uninitiated, it was a design feature to enable landing visibility. A straight nose would have blocked the pilot’s view of the front.

LEGO Ideas The Legendary Concorde by Orbiter88

Moreover, the faithfully recreated landing gear is also functional, thereby allowing it to be retracted to recreate the flying scene while propped on the included flight stand.

The Legendary Concorde by Orbiter88 is many years in the making that did not go in vain as it has reached 10,000 supporters and it is in review. Let’s keep our fingers crossed it made it.

LEGO Ideas The Legendary Concorde by Orbiter88

Images: LEGO Ideas (Orbiter88).

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