Someone Has Created A Simple And Yet Stunning Sculpture Of Queen’s Freddie Mercury

Ochre Jelly’s submission to LEGO Ideas of Freddie Mercury may be a simple one, but somehow it managed to bring out the spirit of the flamboyant front man of British rock band, Queen. We certainly hope it get enough support to be considered as an official set.

LEGO Ideas 21328 Seinfeld Set Is Finally Ready. Will Drop On August 01 For US$80

Originally created by Australian LEGO MOC talent Brent Waller for the 80s sitcom’s 30th anniversary as an LEGO Ideas submission in 2019, the LEGO Ideas Seinfeld 30th Anniversary Set was green lit a year ago and it is now finally an official set money can buy.

Motorized Lighthouse By Sandro Quattrini Will Be The Next LEGO Ideas Set

Many worthy LEGO Ideas creations made it to three LEGO review each year. While there were exceptions, unfortunately in most instances, there can only be one. Anyhoo, as far as the third LEGO Ideas review results go, the ‘one’ is the LEGO Ideas Motorized Lighthouse by Sandro Quattrini aka Roses Must Build.

LEGO Ideas 21327 Typewriter: We Never Get This Excited About Typewriter Before

We have featured art created with a typewriter, an e-ink screen typewriter, a typewriter-style keyboard, but never the actual typewriter. And you know what? That hasn’t change with this typewriter because, what you are looking at, isn’t a real typewriter either.

Record Breaking 57 Product Ideas Qualify For LEGO Ideas Review Includes A Brilliant, Brick Build Astronaut!

There is a record-breaking 57 LEGO Ideas submissions that have reached 10,000 supporter milestone and therefore qualify for the First 2021 review. TBH, I wouldn’t have notice this news if not for one particular proposed set: LEGO Astronaut by legotruman.

LEGO Kinetic Art Of A Person Bathing In LEGO Bricks Is Awesome And Fun

Have you ever imagine yourself bathing in a tub of LEGO bricks? Never mind if you never did because, there’s at least one guy who did and he has created a beautiful and fun LEGO kinetic art to express this desire.

Check Out This Awesome LEGO MOC Of The Classic Piper J3 Cub On LEGO Ideas

If you love all-thing aviation and love LEGO too, then you may want to drop your support for this proposed LEGO set by Bricklayer79. If there’s anything lacking in LEGO official offerings, it would be realistic looking aircraft – especially classic airplane.