I bet you didn’t think Sony will ever make a drone. Well, in fact, the Japanese electronics giant’s mobile arm is already in process of making one and mind you, this ain’t no child’s play. This Vertical Takeoff and Landing drone is destined for far greater things than taking breathtaking footages of Son Doong Cave; it is designed for businesses to carryout “measuring, surveying, observing and inspecting” and could be a reality as soon as next year. Details are a little vague at this point, but one thing for sure, Sony didn’t hop on the drone bandwagon on its own.

The said drone is actually being developed with a Tokyo robotics firm, ZMP, under its collab company called AeroSense. The craft is said to have a 22 pounds payload and has a flight time of two hours, travelling at a speed of 106 mph. The aircraft uses Mitsui Chemicals’ unique metal resin integral technology, Polymetac in the frames, to provide a strong bonding between various metals and resins, which was otherwise not achievable using conventional methods. This technology also helps to minimize weight and reduces the number of parts and steps required in the manufacturing processes.

Anywho, the drone bears a regular aircraft form with delta wings and all, but has a huge rotating prop that enables it to take off and land vertically. Clearly, Sony has much vested interested in this flying contraption as this VTOL drone would likely, in future, be carrying a variety of instruments, which will undoubtedly coming from the electronics maker. Well, we could be wrong, but we couldn’t think of why Sony would be interested in a drone, much less one that’s commercial in nature. You can catch the Sony x ZMP VTOL Drone in action in the embedded video below. Warning: you may want to turn down the volume cos’ the motor is kind of loud. I mean, really loud.

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