When It Is Time To Send Your Car To The Junkyard

Vehicles that are 10 years old or more are four times more likely than newer cars, to have issues that require towing assistance. There are many automobiles on the road that are more than a decade old, which makes the odds of needing assistance high.

In order to avoid needing a tow, you will want to watch out for red flags that may signify that your car is junk.

Continue reading to discover the top 9 reasons to junk your car. Along with tips for keeping your next ride running smooth!

When It Is Time To Send Your Car To The Junkyard
Photo by Max Andrey via Pexels.

1. The Check Engine Light Is A Familiar Sight
If you are noticing that the check engine light won’t turn off, it could be a big indicator that you need to junk your car.

The check engine light can be intimidating and many people pretend not to see it. Often times it is a sign that you will need to spend a lot of money or risk the chance of your car going up in flames.

Instead of letting that light continue to shine, put it out of its misery by sending it to the junker!

2. Miles Are High
If you have been driving your car around for over 100,000 miles, you may want to consider selling it off.

No matter how well you treat your vehicle, once it gets to a certain age, it will continue to deteriorate. Time, wind, weather, and heat are all factors that can damage your vehicle.

The engine and interior of the car will start breaking down after so much exposure to the road.

3. Your Spending Too Much on Repairs
If car repair bills are stacking up and you are constantly fixing your vehicle, you may be better off getting rid of it.

Bills that add up to be more than the amount you can sell your car for should be put to an end. Junking your car can help you put your money towards a new and better car, rather than your beat up one.

4. Parts Are Broken
Cars that have broken pieces may not seem like an issue, but over time you will need to swap out your car for a new one.

Broken windows can easily be fixed, but if you aren’t even able to roll them down, you should start saying goodbye. Old beat-up cars can leave oil stains on your driveway and lead to breakdowns during rush hour.

Before the damage becomes too severe, drive your car to the junker to get the most out of it.

5. You Don’t Feel Safe
Americans spend, on average, 19 full workdays per year, behind the wheel to and from work.

If you are no longer feeling safe in your vehicle, you should consider getting a new one. You spend too much time each year to be in a car to feel unsafe. Not feeling safe due to failed starts and broken parts can be stressful and add a lot of unwanted anxiety.

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Safety ratings have changed over time, it only makes sense that you change your vehicle over time as well.

6. The Title Is Missing
Many times people will obtain or inherit a car over time, but without the title, selling the vehicle is near impossible.

Cars that don’t have a title can be sent to the junker. Obtaining a title and going through the legal process can take a long time and may even cost you money. Taking the car to a junker can get rid of it without dealing with much paperwork.

This can help save you time and money.

7. You Need a Bigger Vehicle
Life changes and so does the size of many people’s families.

If your family is growing, you need more space or want more room to travel, you will need a bigger vehicle. If your current car isn’t worth the time and money to sell, junking it can be your quickest way of getting a larger car.

Some people also need to change cars depending on where they live. Snowy and mountainous areas may require larger trucks that won’t get stuck.

8. Rust Is Taking Over
Rust is not a good sign and should be a red flag for getting a new vehicle.

Even if you only have a small spot that is affected by rust, over time it will continue to spread and get worse. Depending on the severity and length of rust, it can break down the vehicle and even damage fuel lines.

Always watch out for signs of rust and be sure to treat it before it continues to grow, leading to bigger problems.

9. No One Will Buy It
As unfortunate as it is, sometimes you may not be able to find someone willing to buy the vehicle that you have up for sale.

If people are passing on your car, there are likely obvious signs that it is not worth the money and should go to the junker. Dealerships may consider buying your call off of you, but if local buyers and dealerships don’t want it, you won’t be finding any luck.

Junk Your Car No More
The days of driving a run-down vehicle are soon to be in the past. Utilize the tips below to avoid having to junk your car before it’s time.

Once you have sold your old car to a buyer, you can begin picking out your next new ride. If you live in the Wichita, Kansas area, we buy junk cars for good prices!

One of the best ways to keep your car running well, in the long run, is to regularly get oil changes and swap out the battery when it starts dying. Keeping up on routine maintenance is the best way to keep your vehicle driving.

Go For A Cruise
It’s time to junk your car, especially if it is old and has problems mentioned in the list above.

Always watch out for check engine lights that won’t go away and rust that wants to take over. These signs, along with no one being interested in your car to indicate that you have a worthless piece of metal.

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