Slowness in response and shipping asides, I am still amazed by the quality of Slickwraps phone wraps. We are not here to review the company’s working culture, however; we are here because, Slickwraps have some pretty sick, retro phone wraps for the new iPhones.

Available in 3 styles and 8 colors, these retro phone wraps cover the memorable eras from the classic Anniversary that celebrates the first iPhone to Retro with the iconic rainbow colored logo that pays homage to the old Macintosh computers to iWrap, mimicking the colorful outlook of the iMac G3 that made quite a splashed the it was released in 1998.

The ‘Retro’ also comes in black for those who are not into beige.

Slickwraps Retro iPhone Phone Wraps

With the except of the iWrap which costs $26.64, the rest of the collection sells for $19.93 each. You have to choice of back only or full body wrap. Check out the products promo videos after the break.

All images courtesy of Slickwraps.

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