Custom French Fry Electric Guitar

I am sure you are familiar with McDonald’s “do you want to upsize your meal?” question. I am, but never I have I thought it could be “upsize” to this big. Like, French Fry Guitar big.

Obviously, this is not your edible deep fried potato strips. This is a custom electric guitar built by master guitar builders over at Bolin Guitars. I do not know when it was built, but it is rare alright.

Custom French Fry Electric Guitar

Sometimes rare stuff do turned up in what could be a once-in-a-life-time opportunity for you to pick it up and the French Fry Guitar is one of them.

This super rare and super quirky McDonald’s French Fries-inspired electric axe recently found itself on sale on Reverb by Doublewide Kings.

It is apparently, one of the three artist’s proofs ever made (one was donated to McDonald’s and subsequently auctioned), so it is really rare of the rare.

Custom French Fry Electric Guitar

It features the obvious, like the golden crisp deep fried fries in their highly recognizable red carton with the famous golden arch, plus tiny details like the McDonald’s logo on the fretboard and the fast food chain’s tagline “i’m lovin’ it” on the back of the French Fries carton/back of the guitar body.

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Pretty cool, right? Well, cool does come with a hefty price and in this instance, the French Fry Guitar will run you back at princely sum of $6,500. Ouch. I think I will stick with the edible ones from Mickey D’s and get on with air guitar instead.

Images: Reverb.

Source: Technabob.