What do you get a Xbox gamer when he/she already owns an Xbox and there’s no new generation console to gift? Obvious. You give them a copy of game he/she doesn’t own, or you could gift her/him this: the Official Xbox Ugly Christmas Sweater.

The Official Xbox Ugly Christmas Sweater is an Merchoid exclusive inspired by the classic Xbox colors and controller, featuring the iconic Xbox logo right smack in the center of the chest and an achievement trophy on each sleeve, high up on the arms as they should.

Consider your Christmas achievement unlocked and your allegiance known. Better yet, wear way ahead of Christmas, so everyone who wants to gift you something know which console games to leave under the tree in December. I’d say that’s a strategic move.

Available for both men and ladies, and in sizes that range from XS through to XXXL. You can find the Official Xbox Ugly Christmas Sweater on Merchoid selling for $57.99 a pop.

Official Xbox Ugly Christmas Sweater

All images courtesy of Merchoid.

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