Clever Japanese T-Shirts Give You The Illusion Of A Toned Body

These “illusion mapping t-shirts” from Japanese firm ekoD Works serve the same purpose as the checkered 3D illusion blouse we saw a few years ago. It creates the illusion of having something (namely, physique) you don’t have like, for example, having a toned chest and abs, or in the case of ladies, fuller breasts. The […]

For $45, You Can Protect Your Nether Region From Blast With “Blast Shorts”

Are your eyebrows raised already? Mine certainly did when I first saw this bizarre-to-regular-beings product. OK. Officially it is not called British Military Surplus Bulletproof Men’s Underwear; the official name as listed on Sportsman’s Guide is “British Military Surplus Blast Shorts with Kevlar, Like New.” Now. First thing first. There’s a huge difference between ’bulletproof’ […]

This Travel Shorts Is Stylish, Has An Innovative Waterproof Pocket

We don’t do a lot of shorts or trunk here because, unless it is uber classy or has some novelty factor in it, we see no reasons we should. I mean, if it looks like a pair that you picked up from Walmart bargain bin, it is hardly worthy of a mention, is it? Having […]

Meanwhile In North Korea, The Country’s Has Announced A New Line Of Shirts That’s Edible

Today I found out that there’s at least one western national who has studied and graduated from North Korean’s Kim II Sung University. It is pretty mind-blowing to think anyone would chose to study and got accepted into the dictator-controlled country’s university. At the same time, I also learned that there is actually fashion in […]

Make Yourself Feel Like A Hero With This Armstrong Space Suit Hoodie

Not everyone can be an astronaut. Even when space travel becomes a reality in near future, you can’t quite call yourself an astronaut. However, you can look like an astronaut, here on Earth, with this super realistic 3D Armstrong Space Suit Hoodie. Just add your own helmet, pants and space boots, and you are good […]

Pokémon Arrives To Italian Streetwear, Courtesy Of GCDS

You know that the Pokémon fad hasn’t die when it starts appearing in apparels and on an esteemed fashion event like the Milan Fashion Week. Well, this was exactly happened and it was GCDS who has brought to the table some really cool and somewhat goofy Pokémon-themed fashion pieces. As it turns out, the Italian […]

Check Out This Handsome Rain Jacket From Mission Workshop

When it comes to rain wear or jacket, no one seems to know better than Mission Workshop. The Sans Microlight Rain Jacket you see here is another example. It is a 3-layer jacket that is both waterproof and windproof, and with a weight of just 5.6 oz. (about 156g), it is among the lightest waterproof […]

Can’t Get Enough Of Weird Fashion? Balenciaga T-Shirt Shirt Is Here To Help

Just when we thought Balenciaga is done with weird fashion, we saw this, this t-shirt from the Spanish fashion house. Actually, we should really refer it to as shirts because, as you can see, it is a t-shirt that has a checkered long sleeves stuck to the front. Hence, the name T-Shirt Shirt (not a […]

The Strongest Denim Jeans In The World Is Here And It Has Kevlar In It

Forget about wearing down your jeans and witnessing torn developing in Kojima Genes x SF Project’s newest denim because, Kevlar. Yes. You read that right. Kevlar has arrived to the fashion world. Billed as the most innovative, strongest denim in the world, this latest denim from Kojima Genes x SF Project is the world’s first […]

Zuma Trunk: A Classy Trunk That Won’t Make You Look Like A College Kid

Pictured this: it’s summer time, the pool is glistering from the sun’s bombardment. It is an open invitation to take a dive. At this point, you can do two things. One: dive into it with the typical beach-themed shorts like you would when you are still a college kid who couldn’t afford anything but a […]