Possibly riding on the ChatGPT hype train, men’s underwear brand Wair Living, said its latest men’s brief is designed with ChatGPT and other AI tools. The company claims that it uses ChatGPT to “sift through mountains of customer feedback data” as part of the development. So logically speaking, Wair Ambifly should be a dream boxer, if there’s such a thing, for men.

Wair Ambifly Ambidextrous Boxer Brief

The result is Wair Ambifly, the world’s first ambidextrous boxer brief. I know right. I never expect ambidextrous would be a thing for a pair of boxer briefs. But what makes it ambidextrous? Well, it has not one but two flies, one on each side so that you can whip out your dong on whichever side you desire. It is a strange option for sure but hey options are good.

Having two flies also improves ventilation, according to Wair Living. While most briefs have room for the genital and family jewels, the Ambifly has a pouch called CoolDivide Separate Balls and a “hammock” to keep your family jewel cool. Wair Living said the CoolDivide pouch is “a scientifically engineered cradle that provides unparalleled comfort and support.”

Wair Ambifly Ambidextrous Boxer Brief

The pouch is crafted from the most advanced breathable fabrics and temperature-regulating technology, and it is suspended, creating the optimal environment to “divide and elevate your balls naturally.”

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The boxer is made from Lenzing Modal, a material derived from beech trees, which is soft to the skin and naturally temperature-regulated, and breathable.

Finally, it touts a seamless rim and no roll ribbed waistband which also features the message “Made On Earth By Humans” in braille, so that even the visually impaired gets the message.

Wair Ambifly Ambidextrous Boxer Brief

If the Wair Ambifly piqued your interest, you may learn more on Kickstarter where you can also pre-order by pledging for a product for US$29 and up. This is not Wair Living’s first crowdfunding rodeo, though. The brand has a successfully funded pair of brief previous. The current campaign has already met its funding goal and so a pledge for a product is a pre-order.

Images: Wair Living.

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