I don’t demand a lot from a keyboard. However, for users who demand a lot of a keyboard and have specific requirements, well the good news is, there is a keyboard that can kind of transform with you. Folks, meet the Naya Create, an infinitely customizable modular ergonomic keyboard.

Naya Create Customizable Modular Ergonomic Keyboard

When I first came across Naya Create, I was absolutely blown away by its advertised customizability (and not going to lie, the super futuristic look and feel).

One look and you know the Naya Create is no ordinary keyboard. For starters, it is a split mechanical keyboard, letting users choose how far apart they want the typing to be. And then there’s a selection of hot-swappable Modules, and Flow, the software that lets you fully customize your workflow.

Depending on user requirements, you can add a touchpad, a dial, a knob, or a trackball to the keyboard. And instead of typing at an angle, each section of the keyboard can tent up, allowing for a more natural typing angle that is angled outwards.

Naya Create Customizable Modular Ergonomic Keyboard

I’ll be honest. It is a necessarily complicated keyboard if you want a smooth workflow with minimal interruption.

While it is a mechanical keyboard, it is also kind of a digital keyboard. At the push of a button, the number row on the Naya Create becomes a function row. Not only that, but you can also turn the right half of the keyboard into a numpad or arrow key too.

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You can easily swap and map functions to any key on any layer to create your unique workflow using Naya custom ZMK firmware and Naya Flow. It can also be configured to dynamically change the layout as you move between different programs and modules. There’s an on-screen overlay too for times when you cannot recall where you mapped that one function.

Naya Create Customizable Modular Ergonomic Keyboard

The Naya Create uses tactile Gateron KS28 Next Generation low profile switches that afforded the keyboard’s ridiculously low profile of just 11.2 mm. Moreover, all switches are fully hot-swappable and support NKRO.

The keyboard is complete by sculpted keycaps, allowing your fingers to place exactly where they should be on the keyboard, thereby minimizing travel between keys while maximizing accuracy.

If you are sold by the idea, you may want to consider joining the 1,500+ backers on Kickstarter in pre-ordering the Naya Create Customizable Modular Ergonomic Keyboard for an early bird price of €239 (about US$256 according to Kickstarter).

Naya Create Customizable Modular Ergonomic Keyboard

The campaign is fully funded with over 1,500 backers contributing over US$600,000 in funding. However, this being a crowdfunded campaign, there are risks. So, be sure you know what you are getting into.

Naya Create Customizable Modular Ergonomic Keyboard

Images: Naya.

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