On August 8, Chuwi launched a new Mini PC product campaign, inviting computer enthusiasts from around the world to be involved in building the world’s most powerful Mini PC.

Chuwi Building the World’s Most Powerful Mini PC
Campaign official image.

The final product configuration and form of this Mini PC will be based on participating computer enthusiasts’ votes. Pre-order of this fan-voted configuration Mini PC will happen in September 2021, with shipping to happen as soon as November.

The campaign is based on the concept of a “creative connection” between Chuwi technology manufacturing and end-users. “Creative connection” defies the conventional design process by integrating user wants and creative ideas as the source of new product development, thereby creating the world’s most powerful Mini PC that users really desire.

PC enthusiasts around the world can log in to the event page and sign up to participate in the custom Mini PC building event. The event page was officially launched on August 8, 2021. The start and end time of the event: August 08 to 25, 2021.

On the campaign page, participating computer enthusiasts can vote for every aspect of the configuration, from the chassis to the processor to the memory, and anything in between. Interestingly, participants are not just there to determine the specs of the computer; the price is in their hands too.

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As PC enthusiasts decide on what configuration, they are also presented with the price of the components. This will be computed and become the final sale price of the crowd-configured Mini PC.

The voting activity date will end at 24:00 hrs on August 25, 2021. Chuwi will develop this new Mini PC based on the DIY opinions and ideas of all players around the world.

If the event is successful, the new product will be officially meet with the participants in a special event. After the voting activity ends, Chuwi officials will select 10 participants to experience the strongest Mini PC Demo prototype first and give us more feedback.

The world’s most powerful Mini PC campaign page.

Original article by Chuwi. Edited by Mikeshouts.