Still all crazy about Nintendo games and wish you could play it even at your cousin’s or friend’s home? Well, if so, your wish has been answered and in the form of this cute little box called Pitendo. As its moniker hints, Pitendo is a Raspberry Pi setup that is designed to run multiple emulators, including NES or SNES games. The complete fits-in-your-palm Pitendo rig (referred to as ‘Ultimate’) comes standard with an 8GB SD card with RetroPie, a USB SNES controller, an AC adapter and an HDMI cable – all for just $119. If you are feeling bold, you can grab the Pitendo case only for $49 and custom the innards with the model B+ Raspberry Pi and stuff.

Pitendo Palm-size Nintendo Emulator

Capabilities aside, the design of the Pitendo is super cute. It takes on the original console and squeezed into a form factor that you can grab it with one hand. It is not quite proportionally accurate, so to speak, but that’s what makes it so damn cute in the first place. In fact it so adorable (and tiny), it is totally unobtrusive and could sit alongside your home entertainment setup and when you need it to hit the road with you (to someone’s place, for example), you can just grab it along without being bulk down, which is obviously rated as awesome in our book.

Pitendo Palm-size Nintendo Emulator

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