The World’s Smallest 4K Mini PC That Fits In The Palm Of Your Hand Costs Just US$155

Remember the “World’s Smallest 4K Mini PC” we told you about? Well, it is now live on Indiegogo where you can pre-order a unit for only 1,201 Hong Kong dollars, or around US$155. $155 for a full-fledged PC. I kid you not.

Chuwi LarkBox Is The World’s Smallest 4K Mini PC That Fits In The Palm Of Your Hand

Whether you are on a budget or you find that a 4K-capable PC-based multimedia system is a total eyesore in the living room, the world’s smallest 4K mini PC, Chuwi LarkBox 4K Mini PC will have both concerns covered.

Purism Is Crowdfunding Librem Mini Small Form-Factor PC On Its Website

If you put privacy and security before anything else when using a computer, then you will want to check out Purism Librem Mini. Librem Mini is a small form-factor mini-PC and the most accessible Librem thus far with PureOS, PureBoot (core boot +Heads) and Librem Key support.

Intel NUC 9 Extreme Kit: The Highest Performing Intel NUC Consumers Can Buy

If you are in the market for a high-performing PC for gaming or content creation, and one that literally fits into a bag (for whatever reason it maybe), then look no further than Intel NUC 9 Extreme Kit.

Meet Mi Mini PC, A Pocket-size Device That Is Actually A Full-fledged PC

For some reasons, some folks somewhere in Hong Kong think that the market is in need of a portable, pocket-sized PC and so, they came up with a miniature personal computer called Mi Mini PC. Judging from its overwhelming reception on Indiegogo, I guess these folks may have nailed it. Last checked, the flexible goal …

This USB Flash Drive Size Gadget Is Actually a Full Fledge PC Packing a Quad-Core Bay Trail Processor

today’s smartphones are essentially pocket-size PC and as such there are no reasons why a huge ass HDTV sets can’t be a PC too. well, in fact, it can – if you plug this Mini Bay Trailer PC manufactured by China-based Shenzhen APEC Electronic into your HDTV’s HDMI port. it may look like a USB …

Spark Is Maingear’s Smallest Gaming PC Yet, Priced At $699 And Up

thanks to the advancement in components development, capable PC – gaming PC in particular – need not to be a monster. hey, if it can do the job well and still be inconspicuous, then why the hell not? obviously, this new kid, Spark – as Maingear call it – is not the first or the …

World’s Smallest High-end PC Has Bushy Copper Afro Instead Of Fans For Heat Dissipation

this is not a high-tech steel wool with a power button. it is an innovative PC that ditches traditional cooling fans in favor of a bushy chunk of copper afro. aptly called Silent Power PC, this mini PC from Germany maker of the same name is billed as the smallest high-end PC in the world. …

ZOTAC ZBOX Sphere OI520 Series Is A Cute Spherical Mini PC Packing Haswell Processor

the age of small, powerful and super rad looking PC system might be upon us. ZOTAC has proved this point years ago and is continuing to do so with its latest addition: the ZOTAC ZBOX Sphere OI520 Series Mini PC. first unveiled earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show, this spherical desktop system is …

APC Paper Mini Personal Computer

demonstrate that you are not just any geek but one with superb stylish taste with this APC Paper Mini Personal Computer. instead of your regular shiny metal chassis, this particular geek statement comes in a form of a cardboard ‘cover’ that conceals an aluminum chassis with APC Rock main board. however, this isn’t your ordinary PC…