Remember the “World’s Smallest 4K Mini PC” we told you about? Well, it is now live on Indiegogo where you can pre-order a unit for only 1,201 Hong Kong dollars, or around US$155. $155 for a full-fledged PC. I kid you not.

Chuwi LarkBox 4K Mini PC Pre-order

If you want one, we suggest you get it while it lasts because, the retail price is said to be 200 bucks, or thereabout. Granted, it does not have the fastest processor, but man, the price is absolutely mind-blowing. We shall regurgitate what we have written. If you need to know everything about this little guy, here’s a quick video of it:

Chuwi LarkBox 4K Mini PC will serve as a space-saving desktop for home or office, and it is also good as a media center too. Gone were the days where you need to drop a grand or more to create media center for your home. That is how far we have progressed. It can also be use to power digital sign and as presentation PC (just hook it up to a projector). Find LarkBox 4K on Indiegogo.

Chuwi LarkBox 4K Mini PC Pre-order

Images: Chuwi.

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