Rumors of Google smartwatch have been around for years – as back as Google Pixel 3’s time. Unlike some rumors that were often accompanied by so-called leaked images or renders, Google Pixel Watch rumors had none. Having said that, nobody has any idea of what it will look like – if there’s even going to be a smartwatch from Google at all.

Concept Google Pixel Watch by James Tsai

However, one industrial designer, James Tsai of Concept Harman/Kardon Phone fame, has taken upon himself to imagine what Google Pixel Watch may look like and he may have set the design bar too high for Google. Lets be honest, hardware aesthetic is never Google’s forte. Not that they are bad at it, but they are not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to aesthetic.

Anyhoo, I dig what Tsai has done. It kind of reminds us of the good’ol Swatch timepieces with curve glass and seamless, integrated watch band and that’s pretty refreshing in the smartwatch market.

Images: James Tsai.

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