Since its inception in 2005, Razer has rolled out everything gaming related, except for one thing: PC gaming chassis, but that changes on January 8 when the gaming lifestyle company unveiled its first gaming PC chassis called Razer Tomahawk. Two models are introduced: Razer Tomahawk and Razer Tomahawk Elite. The latter is, obviously, the range topper and also the one that’s more “high-tech” and sophisticated like a supercar.

Razer Tomahawk Elite PC Gaming Chassis

The Razer Tomahawk is a clean, minimalist, straight edge mid-tower chassis that supports ATX motherboards and it is, you guessed it, Razer Chroma-powered too. At this point, if anything that can be Chroma-powered but are not, it ain’t a Razer and so, it is no surprise this first PC gaming chassis from Razer is blessed with 16.8 million color capabilities. We love the mid-tower and the super clean and minimalist look. It kinds of remind me of how IBM’s tower PC once were.

Key features of Razer Tomahawk PC Gaming Chassis are as follows:

•   Optimized for front and top liquid cooling radiator support
•   Seamless tempered glass
•   Removable dust filters
•   Easily accessible top I/O ports
•   4 x drive bays (2x 3.5” HDD bay, 2x 2.5” HDD/SDD bay)
•   SPCC Steel frame
•   Black tinted glass side panels
•   Preinstalled rear fan (120 mm) + 2 front and 2 top fan brackets
•   Compatible with ITX, micro-ATX, standard ATX and E-ATX (max: 280 mm)
•   7 horizontal expansion slot and 2 vertical expansion slots
•   Lighted Razer front THS logo in green

The real star of the two is the Razer Tomahawk Elite. Described as an advanced PC gaming chassis, Tomahawk Elite is designed to accommodate high-end components like bespoke liquid cooling solutions like EK Water Blocks and it boasts a unique reverse mount placement of the ATX mainboard. This reverse mount allows for optimal placement of the high heat generating GPU to advantage of another unique design: a hydraulically-powered top panel that automatically lifts itself to vent the hot air from the GPU outside the case during intense gaming sessions.

Razer Tomahawk Elite PC Gaming Chassis

It has a clean and minimalist matte black front panel like the Tomahawk, but the tempered glass side panels has an addition trick up its sleeves: they opens vertically, much like the gullwing doors on exotic cars, except that the doors here don’t fold like the gullwing doors on a car. The custom-designed gas piston hinges afford the side panels to be opened wide, vertically above the chassis to allow for quick and easy access to the internals when required.

You could also choose to leave it open just to make it look like your gaming rig is about to lift off or show off the internals, but there is really no need for that since you can also see through the tinted tempered glass. Unfortunately, the Elite does not have Chroma support.

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Key features of Razer Tomahawk Elite:

•   Hydraulic-powered top glass panel
•   Auto-opening glass top
•   Vertical wing doors with custom gas piston hinges
•   Customized black braided cables & cable management accessories
•   Easily accessible top I/O ports
•   Bespoke liquid cooling solution powered by EK Water Blocks
•   Anodized aluminum frame
•   Black tinted glass side panels
•   4x 2.5-inch HDD/SDD bays
•   Compatiable with ITX, micro-ATX, standard ATX and E-ATX
•   5 horizontal expansion slots

The Razer Tomahawk and Razer Tomahawk Elite PC Gaming Chassis is scheduled to hit the markets sometime in Q2-Q3 with the pricing to be announce at a later date.

All images courtesy of Razer.

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