Well, this is one strange tale to start the year. It was the first week of 2019 when the Dungan family from Rossi Rico neighborhood of Salinas received an alert of movements at their home’s porch. They were out of town, but apparently their children were home and so, they checked the home surveillance camera footage. And boy, were they not prepared for what they about to see (neither were we!). The infrared footage shows a stranger approaching the home’s… doorbell and proceed to give the inanimate object a good tongue-lashing.

Apparently, the man spent an astonishing three hours (!) of quality time with the helpless doorbell, taking short breaks in between, including taking a leak on the porch and also lying down to rest for a quite a while – as if he just had sex with someone, or in this case, with something. As you can see in the edited clip below, the man looked like he was having a blast. Though, it is unclear if the doorbell did enjoy the French-pressing or not. No one actually asked.

What makes this strange tale even more bizarre was, apart from the misdemeanor of taking a piss at the porch, that was about the only thing this trespasser did. Now that, was absolutely weird. Without doubt, this man harbors some really, really weird fetish. Seriously, don’t he have a doorbell of his own? Or perhaps he just love philandering (with other doorbells)? Because, the man reportedly went to a neighbors house too. Now, this man’s doorbell has to hear about this! This unfaithful filth! Oh, wait. Apparently, he’s homeless. Well, that kind of explains it…

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Jokes aside, the police eventually located the man, identified as one 33-year-old Roberto Daniel Arroyo, and brought him in for questioning. As it turns out, he had quite a handful of police records too, including drug offenses, resisting arrest and more recently, theft of, wait for it… extension cords used for Christmas decorations.

Image: YouTube.

Source: KION [1] [2].

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