Teenage Engineering Computer-1 Is a Flat-pack mini-ITX PC Case

Most people would want a functional, stylish PC case but stylish does not necessarily mean it has to be a life-size Iron Man suit, drivable or rideable. Sometimes, minimal is in itself a style as proven by the Teenage Engineering Computer-1 mini-ITX PC Case.

This Custom Fish Tank Personal Computer From 2017 Still Blows My Mind In 2021

In the world of custom PCs, we have been impressed by the life-size Iron Man suit PC, a Ducati motorcycle PC, and a Tesla kiddie ride PC – just to name a few. We have thought we have seen it all… Well, as it turns out, we did miss a few mind-blowing creations over the …

This Upcoming PC Case Will Lend Your Windows PC The Cheese-grater Mac Pro-look

Love the oversized cheese-grater Apple Mac Pro, but you rather not deal with macOS or pay a princely sum for one when it hit the shelves? Well, Dune may have a solution and it is by an obvious Apple Mac Pro clone PC case which it calls Dune Pro.

Razer’s First PC Gaming Chassis Has Some Serious Supercar Vibe

Since its inception in 2005, Razer has rolled out everything gaming related, except for one thing: PC gaming chassis, but that changes on January 8 when the gaming lifestyle company unveiled its first gaming PC chassis called Razer Tomahawk. Two models are introduced: Razer Tomahawk and Razer Tomahawk Elite. The latter is, obviously, the range …

Love Star Wars? Then You Gotta Love This Star Wars-inspired “Tri-fin” PC Case

You probably can’t make a PC out of an Imperial Shuttle’s model and so, the Deepcool x Bill Owen Tristellar S PC Case you see here, is probably as close as you can get to one. Inspired by Star Wars and “spaceship,” this PC case is as outlandish as it is cool, and so if …