If the toilet gaming PC gives you undue anxiety, well then the Metalfish Y2 Fish Tank PC Case is not for you. Hell, it is probably not for anyone. It is never a good idea to have electronics in such close proximity to liquid, whether or not the water source is probably sealed.

Metalfish Y2 Fish Tank PC Case

Why? Because, you know, accidents can happen as proven by Basically Homeless. Then again, if the liquid in question is 3M Novec/Flourinert as used in the Gigabyte Fish Tank PC, then that is perfectly fine. But you can’t have fishes which then will not make it a Fish Tank PC.

In case you are wondering… no, we did not make this up. The Metalfish Y2 Fish Tank PC Case is an actual PC case money can buy and yes, that is exactly its name.

Metalfish Y2 Fish Tank PC Case

There are two parts to it. The top is a 5 mm thick glass fish tank and strangely, separating the fish tank and the PC case is a 3 mm acrylic. Not sure if that is in addition to the 5 mm glass bottom, or that’s that.

The PC case is 245 by 220 mm which has enough real estate to fit a Micro ATX or a Mini ITX main board. It comes outfitted with two 9 mm rainbow lighted fans and has a 90 mm space for a CPU cooler and it can accommodate a graphics card that is no longer than 200 mm.

Metalfish Y2 Fish Tank PC Case

The Metalfish Y2 Fish Tank PC Case is available from major e-commerce platforms in China for the equivalent of US$60-75.

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Images: Metalfish [CH].

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