Star Wars x Secretlab Imperial Collection

Behold, the new Star Wars x Secretlab Imperial Collection, the official gaming chairs devoted to the dark side of the Force that Emperor Palpatine will be proud of and make Darth Vader regret turning to the Light side.

Star Wars x Secretlab Imperial Collection

The Star Wars x Secretlab Imperial Collection draws inspiration from the monochromatic palette of the stormtroopers’ armor to offer the Stormtrooper Edition and the ominous black-and-red colors of the Imperial Era for the Empire Edition.

Unfortunately for Vader’s fans, the Empire Edition is the closest you are going to get to a Darth Vader-themed gaming throne. Official words:

“Inspired by the elite troops of the Galactic Empire, the Star Wars | Secretlab Stormtrooper Edition is upholstered in white leatherette with black textured ribbing on the side wings and embroidered lines on the back of the chair, mimicking the armor of white plastoid plates that the soldiers wear over a black body glove. As stormtroopers trained to render total allegiance to the Emperor, it is only fitting that the Imperial Crest features prominently on the front and back of the Stormtrooper Edition. “Stormtrooper” in Aurebesh is also embroidered on the back, a nod to the most common written language used across the Star Wars galaxy.”

“The Star Wars | Secretlab Empire Editionbrings a piece inspired by the character of Darth Vader™ right to any Star Wars-themed home “battle station” with the Imperial Crest similarly taking center stage on the chair, this time in the Empire’s signature red and black colors. The Aurebesh translation of “Empire” occupies the front edge of the chair, with textured ribbing reminiscent of Darth Vader’s armor marking the back of the chair — a gaming throne fit for those who choose to fulfill their destiny.”

Available in sizes, S, R, and XL, the Star Wars x Secretlab Imperial Collection Stormtrooper Edition and Empire Edition TITAN Evo 2022 are available to order now with a starting price of US$624. For more information, please visit the Secretlab Star Wars landing page HERE.

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Star Wars x Secretlab Imperial Collection - Stormtrooper Edition

All images courtesy of Secretlab.