This Is Engineering Shift Red Drone

Remember the revolutionary joystick-style drone controller, FT Aviator? That was cool, but you still need two hands to control, unless you have a table right in front of you. The Shift Red Imaging Drone from This Is Engineering, Inc. (TIE), on the other hand, is a true one-hand controlled drone.

This Is Engineering Shift Red Drone

This Is Engineering designed this futuristic-looking drone specifically to address the key three hurdles in owning/operating an imaging drone: maneuverability, expensive parts and unnecessary complicated controls.

Shift Red is set to revolutionize how drone is controlled with a one-hand controller, or to be precise, one-thumb control. Yes. This drone is manipulated with a cylindrical controller using mainly your thumb. Sounds pretty wild, doesn’t it?

At mere 93g (3.3 ounces), the Shift Red drone is significantly lighter than the new DJI Mavic Mini and it also means it does not require you to register the drone the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Notwithstanding its light and small stature, it is packing quite some punch with features like a HD camera, “powerful computer vision and advanced sensor technologies,” four modes of flying, dual-band wireless transmission, real-time streaming, ability to upload photos and videos without removing SD card, and automatic hovering mode when users lose control.

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This Is Engineering Shift Red Drone will retail for $299 when it becomes on Amazon and on TIE’s website, starting November 25, 2019.

All images courtesy of This is Engineering, Inc..