Custom LEGO Scania Next Generation S730

If you love the idea of a LEGO set based on a real-life truck, or in this case, a semi, like the Scania Next Generation, then you may want to consider chipping your one precious support on LEGO Ideas for this creation called LEGO Scania Next Generation S730 by LEGO Ideas member mpj83.

Custom LEGO Scania Next Generation S730

Just look at this MOC. Its beauty is beyond what words can describe. Even LEGO Ideas Team recognizes the effort, picking it as October 29’s Staff Pick. However, notwithstanding the love given by LEGO Ideas Team, LEGO Scania Next Generation S730 still need our support to get to 10,000 support in order for it to be reviewed by LEGO Ideas Team.

Custom LEGO Scania Next Generation S730

So far, it has achieved 100 and subsequently, 1,000 support, and the next goal is to make the 10,000 mark in the 560-ish days. What’s cool about this LEGO MOC is, it is a Technic set. It is a 1:17 LEGO Technic replica of the Scania Next Generation, featuring Power Function XL, plus a servo motor for steering.

Other details include opening doors, a detailed interior, pneumatic rear suspensions that’s adjustable via a manual pump, detailed non-functional engine and a tilting cab which can be removed to access to the battery box. Mpj83 hope that this creation could be the first ever UCS Technic series dedicated to truck lovers.

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If you are willing, you can cast your support HERE.

Images: LEGO Ideas (mpj83).