You can now pick up a PewDiePie gaming headphones. This is not the first, btw. This is the second collab between Pewds and Razer, but this time round, it is the Razer Nari Ultimate getting the Pewds treatment.

You can pick up the PewDiePie Razer Nari Ultimate Gaming Headphones on Razer for $199.99. What? You haven’t heard of Pewds? Man, you must have been living under the rock. Pewds is, for the uninitiated, the most subscribed individual user on YouTube as of October 2019 with over 100 million subscribers.

100 million! How could you not heard of him??? Anyways, we do need to go into the specifics because, it is essentially the Razer Nari Ultimate with PewDewPie-approved aesthetic that will please “9-year-old” (Bro Army is so yesterday).

But if you really want to know, it has features including large 50 mm neodymium magnet drivers, 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity, 8-hours of battery life (with Chroma and HyperSense activated, or 20 hours without), Razer HyperSense, THX Spatial Audio, cooling gel-infused cushions, auto-adjusting headband, and swiveling ear cups with Razer Chroma RGB lighting.

Finer design details found on this red and black headphones include Pewds signatory as well as Pewds’ logo, AKA the Bro Fist logo.

Images: Razer.

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